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Chapter 4 Page 03
Chapter 4 Page 03

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My Son The Vampire

Kuzuka Oyamadashi is a single father, working in a tiresome routine, day in, day out. All of that changes one night when a mysterious monster attacks him, and he is rescued by an even more enigmatic young girl. Little known to Kuzuka, his life - and all of its secrets - is about to unwind.


Preview Dump & EP-CON

Previews for Chapters 1 - 4 finally posted. No set deadline for Chapter 5, sorry, a couple of new short projects are up for me to do, but Chapter 5 will be out when I can squeeze in some time in between.

Also, for anyone living in the El Paso, TX region, please clear your calendar for September 11th and 12th and go to the El Paso Comic Convention! Information for EP-CON can be seen at I'll be sharing a table with my friend Psycho-Hurricane, and will have a booklet featuring the FULL My Son The Vampire Chapters 1-4! For a glimpse at the cover visit my page at!

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Chapter 4 Preview

Long overdue, but the first 3 pages of Chapter 4.

posted by ashes2steel @ July 5th, 2010, 11:41 pm  -  0 comments

Chapter 3 Preview

Until I get my pages back, I'll leave you all with a preview to Chapter 3, which will debut in Vol 1 Iss 3 of Gaiga Magazine. These pages will undergo some last minute edits, however I will not post the final pages, as they will be printed for Gaiga. For more information about Gaiga Magazine, to buy issues, and to check out other artists go to and be sure to friend us at

For more from me, go to

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